IGNOU online final project submission link actuated.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining ‘social distance’ is necessary to put a stop to its spreading. Learner support services in all IGNOU regional centers decided to postpone in this situation, there IGNOU activated a link for online submission of final Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journals/Internship Report.

Last date of online submission of final Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journals/Internship Report is 15th June, 2020

Below is the link of online submission of projects & reports,

IGNOU online project submission link

Ignou final project online submission

Here are few guidelines before submitting projects & reports:

  1. The learners are expected to prepare the Project Report based on the approved project proposal as per project guidelines.
  2. The proposal proforma should be rightly approved in original, along with ‘Synopsis’ & Bio-data of the project guide while submitting the final project. Originality certificate should be duly signed by both student & project guide with the date.
  3. Before submitting the project online, the learners are required to obtain digitally approval in prescribed proforma of the Guide/Supervisor through e-mail.
  4. A separate guideline is to be issued for submitting the Field Work Journal online.
  5. Make sure to scan the original project report in a single PDF format file for one subject/course, so that the regional centre can download the file for further action. The first page of the PDF file must inform the given particulars:
    1. Title of the Project Report / Dissertation / Internship / Field Work
    2. Name of the candidate
    3. Programme Code
    4. Enrolment Number
    5. Regional Centre Code
    6. Course Code(s)/of attached project
    7. Mobile No. & E-mail ID
  6. For any query regarding online submitting of projects & reports, write to resp[active regional centre’s Email Id.

For more detailed information check here,

Detailed guidelines